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Don Stevens

Don Stephens

Don Stevens is the National Research and Development Manager for Panasonic IAQ and ventilation products for North America.  He has been active in the development of products, standards, and codes related to energy efficient homes since about 1980.  Don helped write the first ventilation code in the US in Washington in the late 1980’s and has been involved in codes and standards work across the US and in Europe and Asia.  He has been a member of the committee that wrote the ASHRAE ventilation standard, ASHRAE 62.2, since its inception in the early ‘90s and is the current Chair of that committee.  He is the Vice Chair of the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) which certifies all the fan performance and is on the Board of EEBA.  A repeat presenter at conferences all over the US and Canada, he acts as the Ventilation Ambassador for Panasonic to Southeast Asia and the Middle East to share our North American experience with ventilation codes and standards.   


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